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Our Only Job is to Make You Look Great!

We have a full time art department that is capable of taking your design and applying it to the promotional product you choose. We can also create something for you from scratch. Let our art department representatives sit down and design something that will work for you!

We charge $45 an hour for our in-house services. Our guidelines below are suggestions to help you avoid any or additional art charges and/or an extended turn around time.

A Brief Educational Note: Vector vs. Raster?
In the world of digital design there are 2 types of graphics used today. Vector Graphics and Raster (or pixel-based) Graphics. Each one has it’s role to play. At Northeast Promotions and Apparel we suggest, if at all possible, our clients provide their artwork in a vector format.
The reason behind this is as follows:

RASTER GRAPHICS are those images that are, for the most part, found on the web, video, and photographs.
These images use an RGB or CMYK process to mix the multitude of colors that make up the graphic They are not scalable, are difficult for separating colors, and are only as crisp as the resolution that they maintain and were created in.


VECTOR GRAPHICS are used primarily used for Screen Printing, Embroidery, Ad Specialty, and Animation.
They are made up of mathematical algorithms (anchor points and paths) that define the image. Think of a series of independent shapes or objects that, when put together, make up the final image. This allows the graphic to be scaled or modified without loss of image quality or resolution. The artist can separate each individual color and create plates for printing.

When Submitting Artwork:

Many of the artwork files we receive require adjustment before they can be used, some need to be re-created altogether.
Our in-house art department works primarily with Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop.

- If at all possible, please provide digital files and include a print out or .jpg image of your file for reference.
- Submit artwork at actual size, or at least indicate the preferred size you want your design.
- Vector files are preferred, especially for screen printed items.
   Raster items (i.e. jpegs, etc..) that have to be converted may require an art charge.
- Convert all fonts to paths (outlines). Non-converted fonts may be replaced with a similar font, unless the font file is provided. We are capable of
   manually tracing your fonts. In order to do this an art charge will be applied.
- Basic colors will be used unless specific pantone colors are indicated.
- Any raster images should be embedded or included separately.

Proofs will be provided upon request. Response time is important as a delay in response could jeopardize delivery dates.
Any questions, please call us at 1-978-840-1813 ext. 104